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Avon Haul …

I’m afraid I got carried away. Again…

I am pretty sure the AVON lady said that being a representative was a lucrative way to fill one’s free time. Apparently, in my case, that did not really take. Oh, well. At least it is a great way to fill my beauty essentials’ (and non essentials’) quota.

Here’s my latest little haul. Relative posts & reviews will be up soon, for any of you interested in checking them out.

From left to right:
Anew Vitale 25+ Day Cream SPF25, 50ml*
Anew Vitale 25+ Night Cream, 50ml*
Anew Vitale 25+ Cleanser, 125ml*
Anew Vitale 25+ Eye Gel Cream, 15ml*
Speed Dry 30” polish in Pronto Purple
Nailware Pro+ polish in Vintage Boutique
Nailware Pro+ polish in Tweed
Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in Risqué Rose

{* For more info on the Anew Vitale 25+ line check out the UK Press Release}

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