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Headphones at the Ready: November 2017 (I)

It’s official: This week’s new album releases have failed me, miserably. Corrs’ “Jupiter Calling” had me crying a little inside, with only a couple of the songs mildly reminding me of what I once loved about the band, “Synthesis” by Evanescence was mildly better, but still nothing to write home about and what I heard of Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” was most definitely no “1989”. So… this week’s Headphones at the Ready is going to be all about the singles, instead. There, at least, things proved to be slightly more encouraging… Here is, in no particular order what caught my attention: Tokyo – Dan Croll Weightless – Adam French Lemon to a Knife Fight – The Wombats Good Together – Shy Martin Strangers – Sigrid   Advertisements

Headphones at the Ready: Halsey ~ Badlands

I have just realized how long it has been since I last did a ‘Headphones at the Ready’ post, so today I thought I’d introduce you to a great new artist I discovered a couple of weeks ago: Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (aka. Halsey), a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey. I was online, replying to comments and checking out new followers’ blogs, when I bumped into a post featuring the video for ‘Ghost’ – a ‘Room 93‘ EP song and one of the first singles to come out of ‘Badlands‘, Halsey’s first proper album (I’d love to link back to said blog post but can’t, since I failed to make a note of the URL at the time). Long story short, I clicked on the video, was immediately drawn in and opened up YouTube to check her out some more. Turns out ‘Badlands’ is pretty amazing. Officially classified as electro-pop, her music is ethereal and gritty, all at the same time. She kind of reminds me of Glasgow- based Chvrches (another amazing band, by the way) …

Headphones at the Ready: February 2015

Introducing a new feature sometimes takes a bit of catching up (as evident from my last post). Completing the process, here are my February favorite new album releases: Now, I have just realised I can directly post albums and playlists from Spotify here (and, hopefully, they’ll work), so I’ll try that for this post. Do let me know if you face any problems or if you just prefer the Spotify/ Soundcloud combo of the January post, though. Note that the Elwins’ ‘Play for Keeps’ album is not included in the above playlist, since I couldn’t find it on Spotify. You can, however, listen to it here if you’re so inclined. Enjoy and let me know what you thought (or if you share any of my favorites)!

Headphones at the Ready: January 2015

January was a bit of a “slow” month for me, music wise, but it did usher in a couple of new releases I enjoyed and thought I’d share with you all. Now, since ‘Headphones at the Ready’ is a new feature, let me clarify: I’m far from a music expert so there won’t be any reviews here (lengthy or otherwise). Just a list of new albums that have caught my eye & provided me with a soundtrack for the month(s) in question. Feel free to take me up on any/ all recommendations and let me know what you thought, in the comments below… January Milo Greene – Control Night Terrors of 1927 – Everything’s Coming Up Roses The Sidekicks – Runners in the Nerved World If you wanna get a taste of what these sound like, you can listen to the songs below (not necessarily my favorite, just what I managed to find on Soundcloud) or check out the full length albums on Spotify (you can click on each album name above, to be taken …

Pick Your Five: Queued to View

Those of you who know me, know I am really not a big TV fan. That said, I do enjoy a bit of good drama and/ or comedy and have been known to occasionally spend hours in front of the screen, in DVD series marathon weekends… In a bit of an odd post, today I’d like to share with you five, relatively new, TV series that have caught my attention and found their way onto my to-watch list – namely: I’ve always loved the story of these amorous ruffians (and the 1930’s vibe, in general) so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this mini-series. The UK DVD version was released on May 19th – retails for £18.81 and is already on my Amazon wish list. This is one I keep hearing raves about and – given the fact that I’ve always loved Woody Harrelson – simply do not intend to miss. Matthew McConaughey is a welcome addition ‘since, despite the fact that I do not particularly like him, I have to admit his acting has matured …