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Yoga versus the Galaxy

There is a long list of beauty, fashion & tech items that will make it into my Christmas 2013 Wishlist (& you’ll get to see them soon, since there will be a relevant post at a later date).

If however I had to chose one single item, right now, that would definitely have to be a tablet. My tech-y self has resisted the trend for far too long and now absolutely needs to give in…

Problem is I cannot seem to decide whether I should follow my gut instinct and go with the Lenovo Yoga tablet 10 (which I recently came across online and immediately fell in love with) or play it safe (?) with a good old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0.


Reviews are mixed, with some singing Lenovo’s praises and others claiming you’re much better off steering clear of the company’s latest offering.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Samsung (despite the rave these last couple of years) and also have to admit that the Yoga tablet’s sleek and clever design captured my heart at first glance. After looking into some of the many unboxings and reviews online I am now equally impressed with its specs. With a lighter (and apparently handier frame), a quad-core processor (instead of Samsung’s dual-core one), superior battery life but also expandable memory/ camera(s) and connectivity features equal to those of the Galaxy, it kinda feels like the Yoga is the way to go…

Any of you have experience with one of these (either directly or indirectly)? Any feedback would be real useful and highly appreciated, so feel free to voice off below.

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