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Sunday Manicure (Vol.2)

Products used:
Avon Nail Experts Advanced Mira- Cuticle Vanishing Complex & Avon Nail Experts Revitacool Base Coat – No Longer Available
Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish in no.47, Cross the Line 5.40€
Erre Due Ceramic Top Coat 6.50€

First Impressions:
I am very happy with today’s nail polish. First of all, it’s only 5.40€ (and, if you happen to get it on a special, like I did, you’ll get two for the price of one). It’s got an extremely handy brush, wide and flat (kinda like the Bourjois ones, but wider) which makes for a very precise and effortless application. The color glides on perfectly and is immediately a perfect match to what you see in the bottle  – so much so, that you could easily get away with only wearing one coat of this. The two coats I applied dried quickly enough to not drive me crazy (please note: I’m not a patient gal, so that would actually mean pretty darn quick) and the post top- coat application result leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Well, except for… durability that is! Keep your eyes peeled for an update on how well that panned out, next week.

Update (17/11/2013):
I am happy to report that apart from some very minor chips on the edges of my nails (due to banging away, all week long, on a computer keyboard @work) this lasted through to Saturday – and might have lasted even longer with a slight touch- up (which I didn’t really bother with, since it was already time for me to try out another color for Vol.3). That said, please keep in mind that I am no domestic goddess, so the above goes for “minimal chore conditions”. If you tend to do a lot around the house (and much of that includes soaking your hands) this will most probably last much less…

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