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High- Tech Animal Hugs

If I have to be honest, it’s been quite some time since I have last owned an iPhone (since before the iPhone4 release, to be precise). I am more of an HTC fan these days (at least until something comes along by Samsung that does not feel like flimsy, crumble-in-your-hands designer plastic to me).

That said, I recently found myself wishing I still had an iPhone – if only to be able to make use of these amazingly cute & girly, protective cases by Moschino. My heart literally skipped a bit when I first saw them – especially the little bunny one (I know, I know… but the child in me refuses to be silenced!).

The collection includes iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad & iPad Mini cases (with prices ranging from 45€- 93€) and you can see it in full detail on the Moschino Online Store (by clicking here).

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