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Color me…AVON

When I was first approached by AVON to become a representative, a few years back, one of the main perks mentioned was that of making extra pocket money while doing something girly & fun. Having tried it for long enough now, I can definitely vouch for the second half of the statement. As for the extra money, I’m afraid that being a classic, I-love-me-some-makeup, girl I usually end up having way too much fun with it (a.k.a. buying intriguing new products & lovely new colors of old & trusted favorites) for any to actually stay in my pocket…:

Case in point: Last Week –when in a happy-go-lucky, summer-is-here mood I ended up buying quite a few products for myself (narrowly less, in fact, than those I ordered for actual customers on this occasion :$). My “loot” arrived yesterday and looked something like this:

There was the new professional make-up palette with 36 eye shadows, 36 lip glosses, 6 blushes + blusher/eye/lip brushes (24.95€), the AVON Glow matte bronze powder in Medium Riviera (12.50€), the AVON Color Trend lipstick pencil in Coral you Later (5.50€), the new AVON Speed Dry+ nail polish with Volcanic Rock in Mambo Melon (5.50€) & all six samples of the AVON Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation for medium- toned skin, in order to try and see whether one of them will prove able to replace my beloved MAC Studio Fix Fluid (even though, to be honest, I should really know better than to even try).

I will try to post pictures of the nail and lip colors, at a later date. For now, I leave you with a visual of the (FANTASTIC) make-up palette –which came gorgeously packaged, looks cute as hell, includes every which shade a girl may need and… I have already fallen head over heels in love with).

I’d stay and chat but it’s high time I, properly, checked the new AVON Catalogue. A quick look last night left me with the impression that there’s quite a lot to be tempted by, in Campaign 14 😉

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