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Revive, Reset, Renew…

Starting Over-6

If I’m being honest, I have to say that I highly debated my return to Lifestyle Counter after all this time (which is why it ended up taking up twice as long as it would have, under different circumstances).

Eventually, it was the fact that this space is too much of a labor of love (with too long and complex a history) to just give up on…

So, I’m back with the best of intentions but, I am afraid, no promises…

Two years is a long time and I feel a little out of touch – and lost as to what I really want this to be. I believe that way too much is being said on every single issue, absolutely everywhere (everyone seems to be a blogger and/ or influencer these days) – so I am not quite certain as to what (if anything) worth mentioning is still left unsaid.

The question of what my exact niche will be moving forward (or, indeed, if there will even be one) is one I will not tackle for the time being.

Until further notice, Lifestyle Counter will be a work in progress – a creative outlet and a space to share with you my life and the things that make each day more colorful and add to the mosaic of who I am. There will be no strict posting schedule (even though I will try to stick to one post/ week, just to keep the juices flowing) and, most probably… no coherent “theme”.

That said, I do hope that some of you (older or new readers, who just happened to bump into this) will find your own sense of value in my ramblings and join me for the ride…

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