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Latest & Greatest: Favorite Mobile Apps…

OK, “latest” is probably a bit of a stretch here – I’ll give you that. Some of these have been around for a long time. That said, my personal obsession with them is brand new, thus the title of this post… So, without further ado, here’s the 3 mobile apps I’ve been tapping away at the most, these past couple of weeks:

  1. DAYLIO (for Android and iOS)

I’ve always liked the idea of keeping a daily diary, but have never managed to come to terms with the  effort involved in recording proper entries every- single- day (!!). Best intentions an’ all that… Then, I accidentally bumped into this. Officially branded a “mood tracker and micro diary”, it offers exactly what I need – a hassle free, customizable and really fun way to record your daily life (in 60” tops/ day). Plus, it offers interesting statistics and insights (that might be especially useful for people struggling with mild depression and/ or mood swings). I love the monthly mood chart and calendar mode and have not skipped a single entry, since installing this 23 days ago. Investing in the premium version is recommended but, the cost is real small and, I can almost guarantee you will not regret it.

    2. $PENDEE (for Android and iOS)

Now, this has been around forever and TBH I have previously installed and tried using it, without much luck. I guess I was a bit all over the place and not in the mood to seriously track my finances, after all. This time around, however, I’m feeling more inclined/ responsible and am happy to report I’ve religiously recorded all income flows and expenses for the past month or so. I’m finding it enlightening to see exactly where and when my money goes (pinpointing usual pitfalls and overspending that need to be addressed, along the way) and have also just started using the budget mode to try and save me some money next month. The premium, paid, version offers additional features (such as, for example, the option to connect securely with your bank account so that all your incomes and expenses are added/ categorized automatically or the ability to add/ manage multiple budgets) but I find that the free version serves me just fine, so that’s what I stick to. If you have been living under a rock (like me), wanna better manage your finances and have not yet downloaded this I highly recommend that you do.

    3. COMIXOLOGY (for Android and iOS)

Pretty self- explanatory, right? Amazon’s latest ingenious way to squeeze us all dry venture has a great little companion app. It’s lightweight, fast, ultra- responsive and features an amazing “Guided View” mode, that makes reading an absolute pleasure (even on smaller screens). There’s wish lists, smart lists and a variety of filters (publishers, series, story arcs etc.) for browsing the extensive title collection. Once you find something you like, just click to buy it in-app (or go rogue and download one of the many free issues available) and enjoy… As a Joe Hill fan, I’ll shamelessly go as far as to get you started and recommend the Eisner nominated “Locke & Key” series which has got me absolutely hooked (am currently on Vol. 4, Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom and loving every panel). Go on, give it a go, tell me what you think!

  • Bonus Entry that’s got my attention these last few days: VERO (for Android and iOS)

Interesting new social media concept which, however, is still in beta (causing slightly annoying android app lags). The format is fresh & exciting and registering an account is currently free (sounds like this will require a subscription once it reaches a million users – which may or may not bode well for its future, but who am I to judge?). If you happen to check VERO out and opt in, come join me:

In the meantime, do drop me a line if you try any of the apps mentioned – or if you have other interesting apps to recommend. I love trying new things and have a 64GB, extendable, storage… he he he….

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