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Fashion Obsession of the Day

It’s been ages since I bought myself a brand new pair of sunglasses. In fact, I think the last ones were my jet black Ray-Ban Aviators, back in 2010. They’ve proved hard as nails and been totally reliable (despite the fact I’ve been taking nowhere near as good enough care of them as I should have). That said, I feel in need of a change and with the weather getting warmer and sunnier, it just feels like the perfect time…

Enter Zylo Eyewear – a company founded in 2013 on the island of Syros by two young, passionate and hard working locals – Eleni Vakondiou and Periklis Therrios. Zylo makes the most gorgeous, hand crafted, wooden glasses and I have fallen hopelessly, head over heels in love with their Twiggy model in Rosewood (see below).

I have e-mailed the company asking for a quote (since prices are currently not available online) and have to admit to being slightly apprehensive re: what the answer might be (since my research indicates that prices range from 160 to 260 euro, depending on the model). That said, I totally understand why a product that’s made of top quality wood and has to undergo a 16- step, fully manual, production process would tend to be on the pricier side of the spectrum. Even more so, when it features high-end HOYA lenses, as is the case with these beauties.

I somehow see myself saving, penny euro by penny euro, until June to get these but you know what? I think it will be totally worth it!

[Images © Zylo Eyewear]

Update: Just got a lovely e-mail, from Eleni and Periklis, informing me that the price for the model in question is 220 euro. There’s no shipping costs and my order will reach me wherever I chose to receive it. I can then try out my shades and, in case I am not 100% happy, ask for a different model (or more) to try. If I still can’t find something that suits me, I can ask for and get a complete (next- day) refund, no questions asked. Whatever the case these guys will, apparently, be happy to oblige – which I think is just excellent customer service! Cudos for your work ethic people – rest assured you’ll be hearing from me soon…


  1. Those sunglasses look gorgeous but pretty expensive. However, when you fell in love with something, you just feel like you need to get it, or at least that happen to me all time lol. I wouldn’t get a sunglasses for that much, but if you think is worthy because of its material and quality, hope you can get it soon, and let us know how them look.

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by…

    I know what you mean. I usually opt for spending more on clothes and keeping accessories relatively cheap, myself. There’s so many budget buys that look high-end and gorgeously enhance any outfit, after all.

    That said, once in a blue moon I do enjoy getting a fancier item – be it a really great quality bag, great piece of jewellery or, like in this case, a pair of uniquely designed sunnies.

  3. I am afraid I might (even though it’s definitely not the time for it…). They’re absolutely darling though, aren’t they?

  4. Yes! They are! I could enable you by saying that you could justify it by writing up a blog post about their manufacturing process, material selection, designs, etc. LOL.

  5. Hello & welcome 🙂

    Thank you for following Lifestyle Counter & for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!

    Yup, they’re pretty amazing, aren’t they? So special…

    I am still fighting a (loosing?) battle with myself with regards to whether or not I should take the plunge and splurge (truth be told 220€ is a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of sunglasses). Will keep you guys posted on what happens…

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