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Fashion Obsession of the Day…

I blame… work for this. More specifically, I blame my colleague “A”. She always comes in looking all chic and fashion forward, but the bag she was sporting today totally awoke the little green monster of jealousy inside – haha!

It’s no big secret I love pop art and especially Roy Lichtenstein, so I guess that should come as no surprise. As soon as I was at my desk, I googled Gabs bags and tried to find the Lichtenstein-esque model in question (apparently the G3 Studio S0117). Turns out it’s out of stock everywhere as it was, apparently, part of their Autumn- Winter 2015 collection. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Guess it just makes it more of an actual obsession, though…

I’ve contacted the, Firenze based, company via Twitter – in what’s probably gonna prove a fruitless attempt to locate any available stock and am now awaiting a reply. If any of you happen to know where I might be able to purchase this, do let me know.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of the label’s current convertible designs (the S0148 being my favorite) – which you can check out on the official website:

[Images © Gabs Firenze]


  1. The Dutchbird says

    The one with the stripes is really cool!

  2. Hey sweetie! Thank you so much – am honoured and humbled to be the recipient of all these awards lately. So glad people appreciate what I’m trying to do… Am ridiculously behind on these posts, but swear I’ll do my best to tackle them this weekend!

  3. Hey there. Welcome!

    Yup – that one’s actually my 2nd choice, with the pink flowers & black numbers one coming in third 🙂

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