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Design Obsession of the Day…

Being a fan of clever design, but also a bit of a self-proclaimed activist, I tend to love ideas that combine both in one clever, “green” package. So, having recently bumped into this, I just knew I had to share…

Bedol (What’s Next) is an American company that “brings creative ideas for your home or office in the form of unique and innovatively designed products“. With 20 years of experience & clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and the Museum of Modern Art, there’s seems to be some serious oomph behind the company name – which makes me think their latest gadget might just work…

The Bedol Water Clock comes in a variety of shapes (pictured above is the ‘Squirt’ model, which is meant to resemble a splash of water), sizes & colors and claims to keep perfect time – with no need for batteries or electricity. According to the company, its technology “converts the ions in the water to clean energy power”, with one fill of water allowing the clock to work for up to 6 months (!). You can choose between simple or alarm clocks and rely on the built-in memory chip to remember/adjust the time, whenever you need to refill.

If nothing else, this is a quirky little gadget to play with. And if it really does keep time reliably… well, all the better!

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