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‘Breaching’ for Joy…

Here’s the latest (non beauty/fashion/design etc.) piece of news I’m hugely excited about, having signed countless online petitions about it throughout the years!

Finally someone took action to stop Japan’s annual “scientific” whaling expedition and expose it for what it really is – a cover for continued commercial hunting. With the support of Humane Society International (HSI), Greenpeace and other environmental and animal rights NGOs, Australia took Japan to the United Nation’s International Court of Justice, which has now announced its ruling: Japan’s whaling is not scientific (and therefore illegal) and must stop immediately.

Great news for everyone (but Japan, I suppose)! But there’s still lots to do… for both whales and other spieces. If you happen to be so inclined, you can start by clicking here (to become a HSI ‘Wildlife Defender’ and support future actions to end wildlife abuses around the world) or here (to join Greenpeace’s call for the defense of the Antarctic Ocean, by telling politicians to create a vast network of marine reserves to protect species like emperor penguins, minke whales and colossal squid).

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