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Ones to Watch: Klaidra Jewelry

After (what I’ll admit has been) a long time, “Ones to Watch’ is back with another extra- special design duo: the sisters, Klairi & Faidra Gaspari.

Designer Duo: Klairi & Faidra Gaspari

Klairi & Faidra have, according to their own account, always been interested in making things -especially those they’d love to wear but couldn’t find in stores. A couple of years back they decided to share their passion with all of us and… the rest is history.

Velvet, leather, suede & feathers combine with tassels & pom pons to create the most amazing jewelry – which immediately lifts even the simplest of outfits.

You can find more about Klaidra (including info on stockists) here and you can also purchase some of their designs online here.

{All images © Klaidra}


  1. jacquelyng56 says

    If only I was cool or fashionable enough to pull these off! Xx

  2. I believe the only thing that actually matters is whether you like them or not 😛 Got an eye on one of the simpler designs (photos 2/6) myself… Think they’ll be easier to pull off 😉

  3. jacquelyng56 says

    I like that one too, but just think I would feel uncomfortable wearing it

  4. Yeah, I guess it has to suit your overall style -or you’ll feel weird wearing it. I’m a big fan of statement necklaces, though, so…

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