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Sunday Manicure (Vol.12)

On Saturday morning @ 10.30 I had an appointment at the hair salon -to give my short do a refresh cut & color. As I was sitting there, in between procedures, I thought about how it had been absolute ages since I’d had my nails done professionally and how I would love a sneaky Sunday Manicure week -where I’d get to show you a new color, without actually doing any of the work… My salon stocks Essie and had the Winter 2013 colors in, so that was a bit of a no- brainer. I picked out a shade and just leaned back…

Products used:
Essie ‘First Base’ Base Coat 15.00€
Essie no. 853, ‘Mind Your Mittens’ 12.50€
Essie ‘Good to Go’ Top Coat 15.00€

First Impressions:
Since my approach to this wasn’t really “hands on’, I can’t say too much. The color did apply real well (as Essie’s usually do, so no surprises there…). The end result you see required two coats, plus topcoat. I found the color a bit hard to picture here. When inside you get more of a ‘black’ vibe. Then once you’re outside (and in the light) you realise the color’s actually more of a dark teal. So, in a sense, Essie’s description (of a “deep, double diamond black teal”) is absolutely spot on! Apart from the polish itself, let me point out I was also kind of impressed by the ‘Good to Go’ topcoat. It seemed to get the job done very nicely (but that might just be because I was distracted by other things & not really registering time that well, he he).  Have any of you tried it out? Would you recommend it?

P.s. Please excuse the ‘Matte About You’ top coat in the picture. I didn’t actually purchase ‘Mind Your Mittens’ yesterday so today (when I actually remembered I needed something to hold for the pic) I thought a bottle of something clear by Essie might do the trick…

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