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2010 TBR Challenge: The Host…

Having started this year’s TBR Challenge quite late, I now have to put in a bit of extra effort  -in order to catch up. Read this in about a week, which is quite a feat -believe me. So, here goes my first 2010 TBR book review:

Having loved the “Twilight Saga” books, I have to admit it was more a matter of when, than of if I was gonna give “The Host” a spin…

Ms. Meyer’s latest effort features a compelling story line (sure to appeal to most people, but especially sci-fi buffs), presented from a personal point of view -much in the style she used for the Twilight series.

All in all, you’ll be dealing with a relatively long book (600+) pages with a bit of a slow start that, however, evolves into a much more interesting read -should you manage to stick with it (and yes, I do know of many who didn’t). The characters are intriguing enough (despite the fact that they could certainly have afforded a bit more “depth”) and the ending is overall satisfying to the average reader.

To put it in a nutshell, considering the level of expectations I imagine most will have upon purchasing, the book manages to deliver. I would thus have no particular qualms about recommending it, especially to people who have been known to enjoy Stephenie Meyer’s earlier body of work…


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  1. Hi!!! Thanks for coming by and leaving a super sweet comment! I was actually thinking about reading this book too (yes I LOVED the Twilight saga! 🙂 ) Not sure if you have convinced me though 😀 There are a couple of other books I wanna finish before for sure! XXX

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