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TBR 2009- The Observations

1085_jpg_280x450_q85After reading Sarah Waters’ “The Night Watch”, the “Customers who bought this, also bought…” feature on Amazon recommended this.

The Synopsis intrigued me (I love me a good mystery/ghost story), so I decided I’d give it a try…

I waited for what seemed like ages for the book to make its way to one of my local bookstores and -failing that- I eventually went ahead and ordered it online. Maybe it was all the wait, or the brilliant 4 and 5 star reviews it got from other readers but I, somehow, expected more…

It took me forever to get into this -despite the funny and original narrative- and, once I did (after about the 1st half of the story had painstakingly gone by), it was only to be let down by a largely anti-climactic (in my humbe opinion) finale.

Maybe it’s just me but a book shouldn’t require such an effort to enthrall you in the first place, only to come to such an abrupt and minimalistic end 😦

That said, “The Observations” wasn’t an all around bad effort. The writing style was indeed refreshing and the book managed to provide both some precious laugh-out-loud moments and some food for thought. If only the conclusion of the story had been a bit more complicated and developed, it would have made a great read.


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  1. That sucks! I hate it when you build up all that anticipation…..and then it isn’t anywhere close to what you were hoping for. Sorry that it was such a hassle to even get it in the first place!!

    Oh and the comment you left on our blog: that was HIGH-larious!!! Demos and myself both laughed pretty hard at the thought of Rose and Jack, 80 years old and naked! LOL

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