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Back on (the) track

Back around the end of 2013 I had a nasty calf strain injury, during my training for a scheduled 10K. Following the ensuing (and quite painful) physiotherapy sessions, I somehow lost my focus and eventually never got back into my training routine. It goes without saying, of course, that I have been feeling guilty (not to mention grumpy, due to the lack of my precious “happy” running hormones) ever since. A few days ago I decided to finally remedy that, by registering for the Authentic Athens Marathon 5K (09/11/2014) and scheduling training for it ASAP. I’m approaching this conservatively (thus the 5K), since I haven’t really done any sort of running since my injury and am a bit worried as to how my muscle will respond – but hoping all will be ok. Is anyone out there training for a similar event (maybe we can motivate each other)? Are there any (local) runner/ readers out there interested in joining me for training/ on the day? Also, if you happen to have any good training tips, …


Life held a lovely little surprise for me, this morning 🙂 While checking my e-mail (which btw is usually, mostly full of uninteresting newsletters and software/ website updates), I came across a mail from SEGAS (the Hellenic Athletics Federation which organizes a series of sporting/ running events incl. the annual Athens Classic Marathon), informing me of a new series of races to be held at different Greek cities throughout the year. Starting at Ioannina on the 19th of May, “RUN GREECE” will also be held in Patras on the 29th of September (with a 5 & 10K scheduled). Suffices to say I’ll be joining for…something. Not sure if it will be the 5K (followed by the 10K in Athens on 10/11) or the 10K itself (not bothering to travel up to Athens at all), but it will be something 😉 Cudos to SEGAS for offering runners from outside the main Greek urban centers (ie. Athens, Thessaloniki) the -refreshing- opportunity to register for and participate in running events in (or around) their own hometowns.