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Back on (the) track

32nd Athens Classic Marathon, 5K Route

32nd Athens Classic Marathon, 5K Route

Back around the end of 2013 I had a nasty calf strain injury, during my training for a scheduled 10K. Following the ensuing (and quite painful) physiotherapy sessions, I somehow lost my focus and eventually never got back into my training routine. It goes without saying, of course, that I have been feeling guilty (not to mention grumpy, due to the lack of my precious “happy” running hormones) ever since. A few days ago I decided to finally remedy that, by registering for the Authentic Athens Marathon 5K (09/11/2014) and scheduling training for it ASAP. I’m approaching this conservatively (thus the 5K), since I haven’t really done any sort of running since my injury and am a bit worried as to how my muscle will respond – but hoping all will be ok.

Is anyone out there training for a similar event (maybe we can motivate each other)? Are there any (local) runner/ readers out there interested in joining me for training/ on the day? Also, if you happen to have any good training tips, route ideas, healthy protein/energy recipe suggestions for a veggie (etc.) I would love to hear them – so do leave a comment below…

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