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Ones’ to Watch: Olivia Burton

If you happen to know me, you are probably aware that one of my favorite accessories (after years of going without one and relying on my mobile phone instead) is my trusted  Cluse watch. I am absolutely in love with its minimal design and ‘barely there’ sensation and am seldomly caught without it. That said, I have lately been itching to buy another, something with a slightly more ‘feminine’ vibe to it – possibly in rose gold, with some sort of nude or pastel strap. The obvious choice would be to stick with Cluse and maybe get a couple of the, exchangeable, straps while at it – right? Wrong… Enter Olivia Burton.

Founded in London, by two best friends, back in 2011, the label makes some of the most gorgeously feminine watches I have come across. Case in point: its Abstract Florals collection which had me reeling. I mean, how beautiful is this?

abstract-florals-rose-gold-mesh-watch-p1199-5532_zoomIf the 38mm dial (above) came with a leather strap (which it doesn’t, unfortunately) I would have gone ahead and bought it already. As it is, I’m going back and forth between waiting to see if any leather strap models will be added or opting for the rose gold mesh after all. The company’s website offers quite a few other options – more or less embellished, in both feminine and masculine designs/ colors, but this has just captured my heart…


With Christmas just around the corner (and if you are not superstitious, in which case you would never buy a watch as a gift) you might wanna note that all leather straps can be personalized (just add £30.00 to the total price & make sure you stick to a total of seven characters, incl. spaces). And, speaking of gifts, you can also check out the brand’s jewelery line (I’m personally not a big fan BUT have to admit some of the 3DBee items do look good).

[Images: Olivia Burton]


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