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Joanna Ladowska’s Mixed Media Art

It’s no secret that art is a big love of mine. I’m at my happiest when I’ve just discovered a new and exciting artist – and only wish I could be as talented as some of the ones I’ve discovered along the way.

One of my artist crushes (and envies) at the moment is Joanna Ladowska, a UK-based mixed media artist. I was first wooed by her talent a few years ago, when I accidentally bumped into one of her more ‘classic’ pieces: an absolutely stunning, pencil on canvas, depiction of Audrey Hepburn.


I immediately started following her on Facebook, not yet realising how versatile an artist she was. In the months and years that followed, I discovered exactly how much more of her work amazed me… And it was all different things, like:


imageThen, for the whole of last month, she did this thing were she posted one notepad sketch for everyday on her Facebook page and… boy did she blow me away. I actually think these sketches may be my favorites so far. Have a look at a few (plus a bonus video of her drawing one) and see what you think:

You can check out more of Joanna’s extraordinary work on: Facebook , Tumblr & DeviantArt

[Images & video © Joanna Ladowska]


  1. Hello and thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the post. I love discovering new artists so will definitely have a look at your blog 🙂

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