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Eat! | No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Despite not exactly being a domestic goddess, I have always loved trying out recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to discovering new and exciting veggie and/or dessert recipes, I simply can’t resist – and I got several Pinterest boards brimming with linked ideas to prove it!

Unfortunately, living in someone else’s home instead of your own comes with quite a few challenges – one of them being you suddenly find yourself feeling apprehensive when it comes to occupying/ messing up the kitchen just to try something new (which, by the way, may or may not end up how you hoped it would). As a result, I have lately been forced to keep experimenting to a minimum and (when I do try something new) focus on choosing things that require as little time and induce as little mess as possible…

Enter Ella of Home Cooking Adventure and her scrumptious sounding No Bake Chocolate Peanut Bars’, a video for which I bumped into on Facebook of all places. If I have to be honest, most anything chocolate-y would have had me aching to grab a spatula, but it was the straight-forwardness and ‘no bake’ angle of this particular recipe that made it imperative for me to try it.

According to the ingredients list all I needed were digestive biscuits, peanut butter, butter and a bar of dark (55%-70% cocoa) chocolate. Suffices to say I went grocery shopping, buckled up and made these the very next day, while my folks were running errands downtown.  I probably spent about 40′ putting everything together (had a bit of a mishap with the base mix, which is why it all took me more than the expected 20′) and had the kitchen back in tip-top shape by the time everyone got home.

I personally consider the experiment a success (both taste & appearance wise), so I’ll embed the recipe video below and urge you to try it out for yourselves – especially if you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate or peanut butter.

Just one last note, that may or may be of use, before I leave you to it: wait for your melted butter to cool down a bit before adding it to your digestive crumbs mix and if your base mixture does not hold together and looks too liquid compared to the one in the video, don’t panic. Just pour it into the pan and place in your fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes. The butter will harden and keep the whole thing together, so you can proceed with the rest of the preparation.

[Video via Home Cooking Adventure]


  1. They did turn out quite tasty. You should definitely try them and let Ella (& me) know what you thought…

  2. Amy Louise says

    Will do 🙂 also feel free to check out my blog too, going to blog more regularly xx

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