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Home Workspace Inspiration…

I have been contemplating setting up a small workspace in my house for sometime now. I feel like it would be nice to have a dedicated spot to catch up on paperwork – not to mention it would be great for overall productivity and all my blogging needs (no more wriggling on the bed, trying to get into some sort of cozy position in order to type a blog post).

It was in that spirit that I started browsing the internet for inspiration, a few days ago – and boy did I find some gorgeous looking spaces & interesting ideas! All that remains is for me to find a cosy, available spot with great wi-fi signal (which might prove a tad hard to be honest), then start hunting for a small desk/ chair combo and fitting accessories…

Here’s some of the spaces that inspired me the most, for your viewing pleasure:


[via gravity-gravity]

[via crystal-lize]

[via gravity-gravity]

[via minimal desks]


[via emmalucywatson]

[via vintageluxe]

[via northernmoments]

[via eclecticdose]

[via lushlofts]


[via violasian]

[via macpix]



  1. Yup – I’d say that’s a good idea for everyone 😉 Thanks girl – you have a great and relaxing weekend, too! XoXo

  2. Oxymoronictonic says

    They’re all wonderfully calming- need moar monitors though!

  3. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. More monitors would probably drive me mad, tbh 😝 But each to their own, I suppose…

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