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Today is a bit of a special day here on Lifestyle Counter in that, instead of my usual beauty, design, photography (etc.) related topics, you are in for a #DearDiary, personal type of post (if you are a regular reader you probably know that these, normally, don’t make much of an appearance – but sometimes a girl’s gotta vent/ share, right?).

If you have been following me for a while, you may have read my Goals (& Goal Progress Diary) for 2015. Now, I know I haven’t lived up to my word re: the Progress Diary monthly update part, but I have been working towards most of my goals and will be posting a cumulative update ASAP. That said, today’s post is specifically related to Goal No. 2 (a.k.a. deal with any and all psychological issues).

You may remember me mentioning that, these last few years, I have found myself getting increasingly restless and unhappy with my life and that the Greek financial crisis (which has takenΒ quiteΒ a toll and is making things increasingly difficult for everyone, me and my family included) has not helped things. I have been trying to tackle my issues alone – put on a brave face and laugh pretending not to have a care in the world but, long story short, it just ain’t working. I’m not even enjoying the things I love anymore, so… today is my first ever appointment with a counselor.

Which brings us to the gist of this post: I am terrified. Ever since I booked the darn thing, about a week ago, I’ve been wondering what the hell I’m gonna say – and debating whether my problems are “real” or just ridiculous little ideas floating around in my self- indulgent head. I keep having this mental image of my doctor falling asleep on me…

… or thinking I’m a sorry excuse for a human being and should just deal with things instead of wasting her time (which might indeed be better spent with people battling actual mental problems like anxiety disorder or depression, for instance).

Since Lifestyle Counter is not that kind of blog (and I already feel weird talking to you about this, instead of something interesting, pleasing or uplifting) I will not blabber on and on. I was just hoping to maybe get some feedback and/ or a reassuring word – to tide me over to my doctor’s appointment, later this afternoon.

[images via The New York Times Well Blog and The Daily Beast]


  1. Reflections By Mirela says

    It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous going there for the first time – as anything you are experiencing the first time is unknown! Remember, counselours/shrinks are people too! They are very much human with their own fears and thoughts, and hopes, and even problems! They may just have more experience dealing with certain issues, and know in theory how to deal with them..and can give you pointers! Main thing for both of you is to feel comfortable with that other person…often enough I hear people having terrible experiences in these situations, and it’s no one’s fault, it’s just that “chemistry” does not match! Do not be discouraged if this happens! It is not YOU, it is THEM and how they relate to YOU!…after all, you are a client for them…it is your satisfaction that they will care about…so there’s no way someone will be falling asleep! πŸ˜€ Also, if you don’t find them talking too much and you are wondering why in the world you are paying someone to just listen – I was told once by a psychologist that their objective is to be your mirror – all solutions, ideas, and REsolutions are within you – all the “whys” and “hows” you already know – it is just when you talk about them – you may say something that they may throw back at you for you to realize what you already know! A good counselor will help you to do exactly that – figure out what you already truly know and feel you should be doing….
    Well…I blabbed on :)…hope it helps somewhat, and you have a good experience! And whatever is bothering you – I hope it eases and you find your footing again! xo

  2. Hope it goes okay. I’ve always embraced visits to a therapist now and again. I think therapy can be a helpful and healthy tool for everyone β€” no matter how balanced that person is. XO

  3. Thanks hun! So sweet of you to take the time to leave such a lovely and encouraging comment ❀ I’m just back and thankfully this first, exploratory, meeting went well – my doctor seems like a lovely woman (or one I can get on well with, at any rate) πŸ™‚ And btw? I believe I know what you mean by that mirror thing – I think she even did it today: She let me prattle on about my life, then just before our time ended she threw one single sentence back at me – practically summarizing the way I feel and everything that’s wrong with me right now. Impressive (especially just off the bat), tbh! Anyway, we booked another meeting for next week and we’ll see how it goes, take it from there I guess…Again, thank you for the kind words and encouragement! πŸ’‹

  4. Thanks sweetie! Thankfully things were nowhere near as dreadful and uncomfortable as I imagined (not once we got talking anyway) πŸ™‚ Big relief! Hope things are good, your end…❀

  5. Reflections By Mirela says

    Glad it went well!! And yep..that’s exacrly what they do…:)

  6. You’ll be totally fine! But do remember that you may not hit the jackpot on the first try! Always give it a good try, but if you’re not feeling your therapist try another one!

    You got DIS!

  7. Thank you babe ❀ I obviously ain’t got it (since I spent about 2 or 3 mins wondering what DIS stood for πŸ˜‚) but my 1st meeting went OK. We’ll see how it goes, I guess but yeah…a positive first impression (thank God!)

  8. Whew! I’m glad to hear that.
    Things are going well here, thanks for asking! We’ve been putting together an itinerary for Paris… Things must be good if Paris is in future plans, right? :o)

  9. Yup, I’d say so πŸ˜‰ Have fun with the planning and here’s to an exciting and wonderful trip (we will be looking forward to some lovely photos!) XoXo

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