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New York Fashion Week > Highlights

Once again I have been totally overwhelmed by this year’s Fashion Weeks, not least ’cause I was so late in getting involved with what proved to be a veritable whirlwind of colors, textures and designs…

In an effort to catch up, I’ll start by tackling New York Fashion Week and showcasing some of my favorite shows and pieces. Before I start, let me clarify: if I included everything that actually caught my eye this would prove to be a ridiculously long and photo- heavy post, so I’ll only feature designers who had seven (or more) pieces that I loved in their collections. That said, let us begin – counting backwards from the highest ranking:


Naeem Khan never fails to impress me with his collections. This one was yet another “red-carpet” gem – with loads of my favorite colors, luxurious fabrics and a good amount of intricate details and beading thrown in. Loved everything but the presentation of his models – their makeup felt a tad heavy and to be honest I thought their hair looked… ridiculous. Still, a wonderful overall collection (which you can check out here) that could probably do with just a handful of more wearable separates.


First time I heard this guy’s name, I thought he was a woman – that’s how much I think he gets what we like and what we look good in. I always love his designs and totally appreciate their slightly edgier (but, oh so chic) feel. His Fall 2015 RTW collection was no exception. I fell head over heels with his plaid skirts and utterly adored the “cutout” sleeve detailing on his long black and red dresses. A fresh, vibrant and fun effort! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next…


This one is a new entry for me. I have to admit to knowing nothing about the designer in question before I saw this collection (and to still knowing very little now). That said, I will definitely have to educate myself pronto – ’cause this guy is amazing. I love the minimal, yet ultra feminine, feel of his collection and would be hard pressed to choose which of his designs to get (assuming I could afford to get anything, that is). You should definitely check out the collection in its entirety, here.


Yet another new entry, with a name I’m still not 100% sure how to pronounce (if any of you know, let me in on it in the comments below). A high impact, modern collection of pieces in basic colours and crisp silhouettes, which I’d love to wear given the chance (& provided I had the physique needed for some of them, to be honest). The long, lilac cashmere coat and deep emerald-green dress above are two of my absolute favorites.


Jenny Packham is yet another of the “guaranteed winners” of every season, in my book. No matter how embellished and red carpet oriented her designs are, there’s always a few I love among them. This collection was no exception. As evident from my choices above, I did like a few of her more vibrantly hued offerings. That said, I wouldn’t be me if my absolute favorites didn’t securely rest among her “darker” and/ or nude options (i.e. 6, 7 & 8 above).


De La Renta’s timeless elegance (thankfully still alive and well in his handpicked successor’s runway debut) totally won me over yet again. And even though the glorious gowns would admittedly be completely over the top for my humble comings and goings, the more casual ensembles totally hit the spot. I mean, just look at that fuchsia deux-pièces, the gorgeously elegant white and blue floral dress and… most importantly that absolutely phenomenal black, knee length dress!! What’s there to say, other than “Cudos, Mr. Copping”… Go check out the full collection here.


I have admittedly not been a huge fan of Boss in the past. I usually find their pieces to be very basic and kind of drab. It seems, however, that Jason Wu was a savvy choice for the women’s creative director position – since I found myself actually appreciating their Fall 2015 RTW enough to include it here. I am not, by any means, 100% sure yet (we will have to see how Mr. Wu choses to move ahead) but I suspect this might be the start of a budding romance between myself and the German label.


A bit of casual never hurt anyone and I absolutely loved this collection by ADEAM. Impressive & sophisticated, easy to wear, everyday pieces with a twist. I (very mundanely) also appreciate how cosy and warm these all look. Once again I will have to admit to not being aware of the label or the designer (the lovely Hanako Maeda) before – and now feeling the need to update my general fashion knowledge ASAP. If like me, you had no idea ADEAM even existed, you need to immediately go check the full, latest collection out!


Not sure what I can say here. To those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, my undying love for Mark Badgley and James Mischka is a well-known fact. Once again, I was far from disappointed by their latest work. With lots of what they’re best at (a.k.a. embellished evening wear) on show and coupled by a decent number of dressed-up day wear pieces, this was a “true to form” collection from my two favorite boys. Ah…(as I often say)… if I were a richman woman!


My all time favorite Indian strikes again. I don’t think there’s been a time when I didn’t love this guy’s designs. Despite being more sombre than usual (since the designer’s father passed away late last year – leading him to re-evaluate and adjust his motifs and color palette) the Fall 2015 RTW collection was strong and feminine, with lots of black and white as well as turmeric yellow, indigo and red. All in all a beautifully designed and lovingly executed tribute to “the man behind the man”, and one well worth checking out at that.


I have long been a fan of Diane and her incredibly elegant and feminine designs. Her wrap dresses are probably the one thing I would practically bulk- buy, if I could afford it – they’re just so comfy and flattering! That said, there have been collections of hers in the past that I did not quite enjoy. Her latest one was not one of those. With lots of gorgeous prints and  ladylike silhouettes alongside some, more risqué, black lace the Fall 2015 RTW easily earned its place amongst the rest of my NYFW favorites.

Honorable mention goes to: alice + olivia, Brandon Sun, Prabal Gurung, Tadashi Shoji & Zac Posen (with 6 of my favorite pieces, each), as well as Giulietta, Jason Wu, Raoul & Monique Lhuillier (with 5 pieces each).

What did you guys think of the shows mentioned above and of NYFW 2015 in general? Any favorites to speak of? What would be the top five pieces you’d buy – if you could afford to? Sound off below…


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