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Upcoming Guest Post Collab

I recently joined a group of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers on Facebook and am happy to say I’ve already ‘met’ quite a few lovely people and found a number of interesting new blogs to follow. One of those people (& blogs) is Danielle Alinia from ‘Danielle Did What?’. Her blog is so well-rounded & interesting – I loved it immediately (& highly recommend it, especially if you’re interested in reading more than just beauty news and features – i.e. photography, books, cooking, fitness etc.)!

Given the above it should come as no surprise that when I saw a post of hers, asking for blog submissions for consideration re: a guest interview feature she was planning, I answered immediately. To cut a long story short, Danielle and I have now scheduled a little blog collab: I’ll do the ‘Hot Seat’ interview feature for her blog and she’ll do a ‘Blogger Focus’ feature for mine.

Despite the fact that I’ve been at this (blogging thing) for quite a while now, this is my first ever collaboration and I’m beyond excited! I thought I’d let you guys know in advance – so you can drop by and check out the interview (and, of course, Danielle’s amazing blog!) once it’s published. I’m planning on e-mailing my answers tomorrow – and will update this post to let you guys know when they’ll/ I’ll be featured.

[image via Central Desktop Blog]

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