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Pick Your Five: Queued to View

Those of you who know me, know I am really not a big TV fan. That said, I do enjoy a bit of good drama and/ or comedy and have been known to occasionally spend hours in front of the screen, in DVD series marathon weekends… In a bit of an odd post, today I’d like to share with you five, relatively new, TV series that have caught my attention and found their way onto my to-watch list – namely:

I’ve always loved the story of these amorous ruffians (and the 1930’s vibe, in general) so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this mini-series. The UK DVD version was released on May 19th – retails for £18.81 and is already on my Amazon wish list.

This is one I keep hearing raves about and – given the fact that I’ve always loved Woody Harrelson – simply do not intend to miss. Matthew McConaughey is a welcome addition ‘since, despite the fact that I do not particularly like him, I have to admit his acting has matured to levels way beyond that of his cheesy romantic comedy days…Season 1 retails for £29 and is available via Amazon, here.

Bit of a no- brainer. According to the plotline it’s 1952 when four women, who worked at the wartime code breaking center Bletchley Park, reunite to hunt down a serial killer. ‘Nough said, don’t you think? Season 1 (£10.16) and Season 2 (£13.73) are both already available on DVD, via good old Amazon.

A mini- series currently on my “to watch” list mainly because I love Lara Pulver & (while I am not a huge fan of his acting) consider Dominic Cooper to be quite the eye- candy, all the more so in a naval uniform. Add to that some WWII espionage action and the (apparently sizzling) chemistry between the two protagonists and you got yourself an idea of why I find this interesting. Should you share my views, you can buy the DVD for £10, here.

Lastly, I am super excited about OITNB – even though I have absolutely no idea as to when (or whether) it will come to Greece (which is why I’m buying the 1st Season on DVD for £22). Been meaning to read the book, ever since it first came out, a couple of years back – but now think I’ll just go with the series, instead. It sounds intriguing and funny, plus I’ll get to see my favorite, Laura Prepon, again – if only for one Season.

How about you guys? Have you already had the chance to watch any of the shows above? Got other (recurring or brand new) TV addictions to recommend? Do sound off below…

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