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Design Obsession of the Day

The Internet is a mad, mad, mad world! Will you just look at what I found online?

London based brand Takkoda (its name derived from the Sioux word meaning “friend to all”) is the one behind the – award winning –  brand Pets Rock® which features a range of different products, printed with images of everyday pets which were photographed in their own homes to capture their natural expressions and then “dressed up” to look like stars (with the process of “extracting the celebrity ego from within the pet, taking approximately “40 hours of digital work”)! Products include… well mostly anything you can imagine, from postcards to chopping boards & wall hangers to flip flops but the nicest ones are these cute faux suede, machine washable cushions. Some of them had me laughing out loud – and I think they’d add a pop of color & fun to any space. Just imagine ‘Andy Warhol’ on your sofa or home office chair… If nothing else, it would definitely make you smile! It also seems like there’s some real nice pet beds available to buy (examples here, here & here). Seriously, can you imagine your pet lounging lazily on one of them? Priceless… Here’s some of my favorite designs:

According to the company all cushions have been “printed with archival inks to get the brightest, saturated finish possible”, are hand made and also fully machine washable at 30ºC. Prices range from £34.99 (for the cushions) to  £85.00 (for the pet beds).

What do you think? Do you love these as much as I do, or maybe find them impossibly kitsch? Sound off below…

[All Images: © Takkoda]


  1. These are such fun.
    Pet beds are (massive generalisation) so ugly.
    My only issue?
    Our dog is so daft, he would probably be scared!
    They’re gorgeous!

  2. Oh, my dogs would absolutely love them, I’m sure! Only problem is I’ve got 2 of them (+ 1 cat), which would mean a pretty hefty (£255) price tag :$

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