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Beauty Obsession of the Day…

Jouer Anti- Blemish Matte Primer

Jouer Anti- Blemish Matte Primer

My oily skin has always been quite a pain in the butt. I usually start the working day with a carefully polished face, only to watch it slowly disintegrate during the course of it – to the point of looking totally unkempt by 4PM. I always notice a big difference if I use a primer – but have not yet managed to settle on one that I actually love. I currently use Benefit’s ‘The Porefessional’ pro balm, but find it a bit too silicon-y and heavy for my skin (as is the case with most of the other primers I’ve tried this far). As a result I usually only resort to it on ‘special occasions’ (for fear of irritation or – god forbid – a major breakout).

While browsing Cult Beauty (& in particular its ‘What’s New’ section), I bumped into this little gem by Jouer. According to the description, the Anti- Blemish Matte Primer is “enriched with clarifying, resurfacing, soothing and luminosity-boosting ingredients, as well as Vitamin E, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba to provide anti-oxidant protection” & claims to be “both reparative and protective; optimising the longevity of your foundation, whilst defending against skin-ageing free radical attack”. What’s more, the Salicylic Acid in it helps “unblock pores and alleviate congestion, while battling existing blemishes and helping to prevent the development of new ones” (which is a huge bonus for me).

It all sounds like a match made in heaven just for my skin – and, it goes without saying that, I’ll be putting in an order for  it. At £30.00 (for 30ml), it is definitely not the cheapest but then again neither is my current Benefit one. Plus, if it ends up delivering on what it promises, I might have just found my new everyday staple…

Have you tried this – or any other Jouer products? What where your impressions? Do sound off below…

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