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Vintage Love (Vol.1)

About a month ago a fantastic, new vintage shop opened its doors – around my neck of the woods. It’s called ‘Motel’ Vintage Store and is owned by the cutest (& nicest) young couple I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lately. They take regular trips abroad (UK, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and bring back some of the most amazing vintage pieces, for sale at silly, silly prices.

It was there that I found (and promptly purchased, of course) this absolutely gorgeous 70’s, merino-wool, Goldworm dress (unworn) – which I have literally fallen head over heels with!

Considering there will be many more “check-ins” at this particular Motel, I’m instituting a new blog post category called “Vintage Love” to feature future finds (say that 10 times real quick, lol). Do make a point of checking it out, if vintage is your kind of thing. And, if you happen to live around here and are a vintage fan, make sure to drop by this place. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed…

{Image: © Motel Vintage Store}

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