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Sunday Manicure (Vol.10)

After the brief, festive reprieve of last week, Sunday Manicure’s back. To make up for taking time off, today’s volume is kind of a double-whammy: I’m testing both a new color and a much talked about speed-drying top coat.

  Products used:
Erre Due Diamond Base Coat 6.49€
Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish in no.75, Blackjack 5.40€
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 15.60€

First Impressions:
This week’s nail polish is from my favorite Sephora line (see other colors I own here, here and here), so my impressions couldn’t really be anything but favorable. The fantastic, ergonomic brush made application a piece of cake, while the color (a sparkling greyish black) glided on like a dream – as per usual. These polishes dry quick anyway, but today I wanted to try the (raved- about- by- beauty- bloggers- everywhere) famous, Seche Vite top coat. Now, being fully aware of the fact that I’m ridiculously late in doing so, I have to sing this product’s praises review this. Let me start by saying it’ s one of the thickest top coats I’ve ever used. If that’s not your cup of tea, do think twice before you buy. It’s also got quite a strong smell (which might be annoying to some) compared to other, similar products. If, however, you can find it in your hearts to get past those couple of things you’ll get… drum roll please… dry nails in 1-2 minutes (!!) & a gorgeous, mirror-like finish. Do be careful when applying this (you should try to get in an’out real quick or it will smudge) & make sure your cuticles are free of any polish residue before applying (hard to explain but just trust me on this).

Any of you tried Seche Vite? Do you think it’s worth the hype (and price tag)?


  1. I am so happy to have found someone to (honestly!!!) talk about Seche Vite!! I do not really mind about the smell and the (very) thick consistency BUT I have a HUUUUUUUGE shrinkage issue that totally ruins my manicure after a couple of hours! Did you experience the same?
    The Sephora color looks great on you! Unfortunately this kind of shimmery black gives me lobster hands 😦

  2. Thanks hun! I actually love these Sephora polishes (& found this black grey shimmer to be quite flattering). Re: Seche Vite – Actually, yes. I have noticed a bit of shrinkage at the tips of my nails (not enough to ruin my mani, but still enough to be annoying). Did a bit of searching around and found out that a. Seche Vite plays better with some polishes than with others (so you might wanna try it with different brands) and b. “sealing” both your nail color and top coat, by painting over and under the edges of your nails, apparently solves the issue. I’ll have a go at that this coming Sunday and let you know how it works out…

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