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2010 TBR Challenge: PopCo

Having greatly enjoyed Ms. Thomas’ “The End of Mr. Y”, I picked this up with high (probably too high for my own good) expectations.

After a “painful” couple of…months (which should, by itself, say something), trying to stick with it, I finally read the long-awaited conclusion a few minutes ago -and, frankly, feel it was hardly worth the hassle 😦

Despite the fact that the characters were interesting (if with loads of unexplored potential) and the criticism of today’s society thought provoking (if a bit preachy at times) -I found the book, overall, to be highly tiresome. From its insanely long, unnecessary descriptions of the lives of bullied, teenage girls, to the endless presentations of their buying habits during company “ideation” meetings -it was all a bit too much for me. Not to mention I’ll probably have to kill someone if I hear another word about homeopathic remedies..:roll:

Having said all that, I have to admit I’ve read mixed reviews and heard a lot of different opinions while discussing this with friends. However, considering my personal experience, I would definitely not be quick to recommend this to anyone (anyone I don’t seriously dislike, anyway :P)

If, despite all of the above, you are one of the people that just have to know for themselves then by all means take a shot at this -I dare you…


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