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2008 TBR Challenge: Twilight [++]…

I started out with relatively high expectations (what with all the hype and international bestseller label an’all). However, just a few pages in, I started feeling I wouldn’t get through this one. Something about the constant repetition of descriptions and images did my head in.

Still I somehow stuck with it (I had paid good money for it, after all) and -as it turns out- don’t regret it. The plot thickened half way through & the teenage cliches eased off enough for me to not only happily make it to the end, but also purchase “New Moon” (the second installment).

Not a book that will appeal to everyone, but the child in some of us will enjoy this.

An unexpected “Bonus” addition

Bought “New Moon” just after finishing “Twilight” and was done with it in about a day & a half. The hook was -clearly- already in 😉

Would have loved to see more of Edward in this one, but Bella with her trials & tribulations (new-found friendship with Jacob and evolving taste for reckelss, life-threatening situations included) more than made up for that -freely offering laugher in good proportions while at it. And, of course, looking forward to the inevitable lovers’ reunion cleverly had me turning the pages until the near end, when the Romeo and Juliet angle (which the -long burried- romantic in me absolutely loved) took over…

All n’ all I thoroughly enjoyed the second chapter of Mrs. Meyer’s saga and made a point of going out and purchasing “Eclipse” before I was even through -just to avoid the frustration of not having immediate access to the rest of the story once I was done 😛

Coming up: Eclipse (Twilight Saga, Book 3)- Stephenie Meyer

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