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2008 TBR Challenge: The Interpretation of Murder…

I’m not too good at reviewing things, so entries relating to books read as part of the 2008 TBR Challenge will be kept short (for your sake as well as mine 😛 ). That said, here goes…

The first book I picked, off my 2008 list, was Jed Rubenfeld’s “The Interpretation of Murder” (which I was pleasantly surprised by, despite my initial negativity)!

When I started reading this I was slightly apprehensive and half-hearted -the size & possible complexity of its subject matter was looming, threateningly, in my horizon. Once I got my teeth in, however, I was shocked to realise I just couldn’t stop.

Turns out, the book is not “heavy” at all and -if you can find it in your heart to ignore the slightly disturbing images Freud’s Oedipal complex brings to mind- I believe you’ll find it to be a cleverly crafted & gloriously twisted who-dunnit…


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