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The IGS Project…

Intriguing title, huh? Here’s a bit more about it…

The idea came to me, out of the blue, during a Saturday brunch with girlfriends. It went a little bit like this: 5 expat sistas, all of different nationalities, getting together once a week to try out new recipes and share their news over the ensuing dinner.

After some discussion we decided that would, indeed, be a novel & entertaining addition to our weekly routine (not to mention an excellent opportunity for a combo of “social comment” 😆 and…BOOZE! Yep, as my friend Bettina would say: My name is Christiana and I’m an alcoholic. And so, by the end of our little get-together that day, we had already settled on a date for the official launch: 7th March 2007!

So, today, I’m proud to announce our first meeting was a resounding success! We all got together in one of our appartments, cooked the main course and desert in 2’s and had an incredible time over the most gorgeous dinner, afterwards! As a result we are planning our following adventure, already…

In the spirit of “immortalizing” our experience and keeping a record of all the interesting recipes, I decided to start a new post category, which will show up on the menu as “The IGS Project”. It will include a short account of each meeting, as well as pictures of all the different goodies prepared and the relevant recipes.

And now, for the origin of the name and today’s intriguing post title (come on, I know you are all aching to figure that one out)…

Upon returning home, and having decided to make this part of my blog, I started to debate what the whole thing could be called. I wanted to find a name that would incorporate both our nationalities and our project’s scope…As I already said there’s 5 of us, and we all come from different parts of Europe. I’m Greek and the other 4 are Swedish, Scotish, German- Irish & Irish. After a bit of pondering and using the initial letters of all our nationalities (G, S & I) I eventually came up with the acronym IGS (which stands for “International Gourmet Sessions) and serves both purposes mentioned above…And it was thus, that this became “The IGS Project” (name pending until approval by the other members, of course). Come on…tell me how smart I am…hehehe…

Summing up (’cause this is starting to become one hell of a post), the fotos and recipes of our first meeting will be posted as soon as I get the details on the main course which NNatasha & Kerstin cooked last night. Hope you all enjoy…


  1. You’re so smart. 🙂

    Great idea- expat sistas need to stick together. You go girls!

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