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“… and you thought your mum was nuts …”

Ok… So, this is definitely not the kind of thing I usually post – but it made me laugh so hard this cold, Wednesday (!) morning @ the office, that I simply had to share…

If you are over a certain age and still not engaged or (better yet) married, you probably know all about how stressed and disillusioned parents mums can get over your not settling down and starting a family like a proper young lady. But I suppose you’ve never received a text quite like this:


or these, for that matter:

Well, Kate Friedman- Siegel has and, to her credit, now makes a living out of it…  After the Instagram account she created, to share her mum’s (100+ per day) texts, went viral Kate quit her job at Condé Nast and set up Crazy Jewish Mom. She and her mother, Kim Friedman, are now an internet sensation – with thousands of fans, an online “advice column”, a podcast and most recently a New York Times bestseller. And, to be honest, they’re absolutely hilarious…

To be fair to Kim (an amazing, strong and very funny woman), there’s also a multitude of non- ovary related texts that are lough-out-loud funny. Here’s just some, of the many, examples:

Kudos to Kate for making the best out of what could have just been an overbearing situation – and thanks to Bored Panda for introducing me to this crazy pair.

{Photos: © Lenny Stucker Photography 2016, from Millennium Magazine}
{Screenshots: @crazyjewishmom}


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