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As many of you know, I am not really a big fan of pastels. I do like them in principle but, in practice, I kinda feel like they don’t really suit my Mediterranean complexion or (more tomboy-ish) sense of style. So I tend to shy away from them – not to mention I have never really thought of them as decorating colors before.

With the weather finally warming up and the sun shinning, however, I recently found myself browsing decorating sites, blogs & Pinterest boards – and realised I loved so many of the pastel hued interiors that I had to reconsider. In fact, I might even go as far as to say I’m now a bit of a convert, hehe…

Since I know many of us get the same sort of sprucing up/ redecorating bug around this time of year, here’s a roundup of some of my favorites to offer some inspiration (in case, like me, you fancy going down the pastel brick road, this Spring):

{via 79 Ideas}

image{via Sköna Hem}

{via 79 Ideas}

image{via Decor Dots}

image{via Apartment Therapy}

image{via Hally’s}

{via Interior Exterior Ideas}

{via Fresh Home}

{via Desire to Inspire}

image{via Dessins Drummond}

{via 79 Ideas}

{via 79 Ideas}

{Via Eclectic Trends}

image{via Little Gatherer}

image{via Miss Bergamote}

image{via Jenny}

image{via Room Envy}

image{via Betta Living}


  1. Thank you for visiting & taking the time to comment! I’m glad you like the post – took me ages to narrow everything I liked down to a manageable number of semi coherent choices… Haha! Happy redecorating 😉 XOXO

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