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Spoil your pet…🐾

This post started out in the most inconspicuous way possible – me checking out the Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Bed

image… for Ms. Lara (for those of you not in the know, Ms. Lara is my ex-stray, half-breed, 8 month old Siamese baby – who I’m head over heels in love with).

imageThen it somehow spiralled out of control, to become a designer pet furniture & accessories extravaganza – as illustrated below.

I should start by saying that I’ve never been a ‘pets need to stay out of the house’ kind of person. I know many people think that way (& that’s perfectly OK, if it’s what suits them, of course) but I just could never see the logic behind keeping a family member outside in the cold – instead of inside, all warm and cosy with the rest of us.

That said, I’d failed to realise exactly how many designers feel the same way and how many companies now cater to our furry friends and their needs – designing pieces that make their lives extra comfy, playful and luxurious.

Here’s some of the designs and companies I recently discovered, gawked over and subsequently couldn’t help but share with all of you animal- obsessed, fellow bloggers out there…

Korean designer Seungji Man features some amazing furniture (for both humans and pets) on his website. Case(s) in point:

The Dog House Sofa

… and the Cat Tunnel Sofa

image… as well as an indoor take on the ‘traditional’ dog house – accompanied by an assortment of brightly colored, specially designed mattresses to choose from.


pEi pod makes the cutest little, egg-shaped beds for small dogs, cats and petite animals (like bunnies). Made from high density polyethylene, these are sleek and stylish and would look amazing in any home.

[P.s. I thought the blurb, on top of their pEi Kitty page was SO funny:

I model for funny photos on your Facebook page. I try to be patient when your niece pulls my tail. I chase the laser pointer all over the house while you laugh at me. All I ask is that you give me a cosy, safe spot to nestle my butt after all this humiliation.

Haha… Class!]

Moving on to Chimère Paris and, what is probably, the chic-est pet furniture I have ever seen!

Their solid oak (!) and aluminum range includes (clockwise from bottom middle) a fishbowl, rabbit/ hamster hutch, rocking bird-cage, dog/ cat sofa and possibly the most gorgeous cat litter box ever!

Pet Interiors also do some pretty great looking pet beds, baskets, pillows and supplies – some of my favorites are:

The Rondo Felt Cat Stand
… the Bowl Nido Felt Cat Bed
… and the Bowl Leatherette Custom Cat Bed
Yet another original and fun design comes from Brooklyn based designer Akemi Tanaka. The ‘Curve’ Cat Bed promises to give your cat the opportunity to watch the world from above:

Haha, love it! You can find it on Mod Pet Life along with many other, fantastic pet beds, feeders, accessories & toys like:

Artisan Wood Feeders

… a Bambu Hammock
BAMBU-I-2__00721.1415302338.1280.1280… the Catissa Cat Tree for hours of fun…

… or the Couchette Chaise Longue by Kittypod (don’t even get me started on Kittypod)…

As you have probably gathered by now, I could go on forever like this… Instead I will leave you with my favorite, whimsical, piece. Dutch designer Erik Stehmann‘s DOG Scratch Post for playful, companionship seeking felines, hehe…

As always, do let me know what you think and whether you might be tempted to (or actually) buy any of these for you and/ or your furry friends…

{Please note that none of the images above belong to me. They have all been “borrowed” from the websites – see links above – of the companies/ designers the post refers to.}


  1. OMG we are so on the same wavelength! I was looking at these exact pet accessories today! I’ve decided to get a Scottish Fold & I get to hold him in June. Love this post! You just made my evening =)) #catloverforlife

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