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It always seems impossible, until it’s done…

One of the many things I was planning on posting last week (& didn’t) was a feature of Erik Johansson – a photographer and retoucher from Sweden who, currently based in Berlin, creates some of the most amazing images I have seen as of late.

I believe that pictures often speak louder than words (and feel that this guy’s work, in particular, is worth a thousand words a piece). So, instead of blubbering on and on,  I will leave you with some of my favorites out of his online portfolio.

If you like what you see,  you should make sure to check out his website. All images are available to buy, in high quality prints (& 3 different sizes), with worldwide delivery.

“Drifting Away”

“The Cover Up”

“Set them Free”

“Snow Cover”

“Fishy Island”

“Deep Cuts”

“Go your Own Road”

[All images © Erik Johansson]


  1. Mad how he does all of it, really. Still love the end result – I think my absolute favorite is “Fishy Island”…

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