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Ruby Robin Botanical Jewelry

Today’s design post is slightly different, in that it deals not with interior but with jewelry design.

It is no big secret that I am slightly addicted to Pinterest – and it was on one of my regular visits that I discovered the talented Khrystyna (a.k.a. Ruby Robin) and her gorgeously romantic range of Botanical Jewelry, which I immediately felt the need to share with you all.

Each piece is, in the artist’s own words, a “wearable keepsake”, lovingly handcrafted “using a range of strange and beautiful curiosities, found in the woods and on the mountain sides, combed from the windswept beaches and picked in the wild meadows” and meant “to inspire a sense of childhood wonder in the wearer, taking you back to that feeling of excitement you had as a child when you found a fragment of a speckled blue robins egg in Spring, a perfectly formed seashell on a windswept beach or some other small marvellous thing from nature”.

Now, I don’t think I could be described as a romantic, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have still fallen head over heels with these designs and would absolutely love to own a couple of them – I’m even considering contacting Khrystyna, with a view to procuring a custom piece.

Items from the range are currently available to buy at select stores in Ireland and the US (specific details are available via the designer’s Etsy shop, which you could also visit should you feel inspired to make a purchase).

Ruby Robin Jewelry has also got a presence on Facebook and Twitter and, from what I can see, will be launching a website in the near future.

[all images: Ruby Robin]

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