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With Love from Italy…

I discovered Miniforms a few weeks back and it has been on my ‘to blog about’ list ever since. So, today I’m gonna briefly feature and introduce it to all of you – if only to get the (constant, nagging) thought out of my head before the Christmas holidays…

Colony Armchair by Skrivo Design

Miniforms is a design company that was established in Italy, back in the beginning of the 1970’s, as the evolution of an earlier (and smaller) one – which produced tables and accessories. The firm expanded its production internationally in the 1980’s and its pieces can now be found in a number of countries, including Greece (you can check the website for info on stockists).

Miniforms works with and showcases young & talented Italian designers and its offerings include a number of essential pieces characterized by minimal, clean lines and made out of wood, steel, glass, aluminum and eco leather. I leave you with a few of my favorite pieces – and urge any of you with a bit of a design knack, to go check out the company’s website for more information, photos, catalogues etc.

{All Images © Miniform}

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