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Gadget Alert: Zapi Luxe Toothbrush Sanitizer

We all, obviously, know how important oral hygiene is. How many of us are aware of the need to ensure the hygiene of our actual toothbrush, though? It may sound like going slightly overboard but, when you think about it, it makes total sense. The other day, I bumped into this extra cute toothbrush sanitizer by Violife and fell head over heels in love. It’s beautifully designed (would look extra cute on any bathroom counter) and claims to “eliminate up to 99.9% of germ with UV light”. Unfortunately my favorite design (the little, grey chicken) seems to be sold out (discontinued?) but there’s a fancy little ninja still on offer – for those of you who like a bit of whimsy in their day.

If you are more of a minimal- chic kinda girl (/lad) you can always try the cobalt blue (personal favorite), gun-metal grey or pearl white one. These little cuties retail for $29.95 (currently on sale from $39.95) and are available to ship internationally, to 249 (!) different countries…

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