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Coming Soon: Kate Moss x Topshop

7 years after their last collaboration, Topshop and Kate Moss get together again, to create an eagerly expected 40 piece collection. With just 5 days remaining before the official launch (which, I am guessing is gonna wreak havoc both online and off), I had a little look at the designs and decided on my absolute favorite, can-not-afford-to-miss-no-matter-what piece…

Isn’t that an absolute stunner? Can’t help but think how perfect it would be for my friend Erinetta’s wedding – coming up in June. Just hope the price tag isn’t surreal. I did manage to snatch a black, tuxedo jacket from Kate’s previous Topshop collection and (if memory serves me right) it wasn’t exactly the cheapest of its kind…  Oh well, I guess there’s not long to wait now, before we all figure that one out.

For those interested, there will be plenty of other lovely pieces on offer. My personal favorites: the black tasselled sleeveless top (which would look amazing with skinny jeans and high-heeled sandals), the paisley & black lace trim dress, the emerald-green mini cocktail dress, the pristine white A-line zipped mini and the gorgeous black satin-y striped jumpsuit!

So… You got 5 more days to decide on what to lust after & be ready, credit- card- in- hand, on Wednesday the 30th (if you wanna have more than a snowball’s chance in hell of actually getting your hands on anything, that is). Still here? Nah, didn’t think so…

[Images: © Topshop]

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