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Beauty Obsession of the Day…

Concoction Range of Shampoo

Concoction Range of  Shampoo

Bumped into this new range while browsing around BeautyBay today – and felt like it was something I needed to share with all of you. I personally find it terribly innovative and clever and am dying to try it out. According to the UK company that has launched these “you call all the shots” (pun intended) by totally customizing “your own personal luxury shampyou blend that perfectly matches your own personal needs”.

Apparently, the way it works is this: You start by choosing a base blend fragrance (there’s 4: Bakhour, Black Pepper + Citrus, Lemon + Verbena & Rosemary + Mint), then add any two super-serum shots and… mix! For locks that need extra pampering there’s also the Crème de Concoction Conditioner (scented with Cashmere + White Lilly).

The shampoo retails for £14.00 (€15.45), the conditioner for £16.00 (€22.47) and they can all be customized and ordered online via the dedicated website (or via BeautyBay, ASOS, BeautyMart and Selfridges).

I think I’ll go for the Bakhour base blend with the ‘Beautiful Brunette’ & ‘Turn Up the Volume’ super-serums added to the mix. How about you?

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