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Mulberry: The Cara Delevingne Collection

Hot on the heels of Cara Delevingne’s collaboration with Mulberry, in the UK luxury label’s latest campaign, the two have teamed up again to launch a series of leather bags – designed by the it-girl herself. According to the info found on Mulberry’s website:

During conversations over lunch on the shoot, Mulberry discovered Cara’s passion for creating and designing. Mulberry invited Cara to its London headquarters and a true collaboration was born.

The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag is a three-in-one style, available in three sizes. It can be worn on the back, worn on the shoulder or hand-held and comes in an array of colours and patterns. According to the label, Cara has added her personal touch in more than the bag’s exterior:

Inside you can discover a small lion rivet and a heart shape patch based on Cara’s own heart tattoo.

If leather is your thing, you can check out the collection online, here.


  1. Me too – in theory, at least… In practice I try to steer clear of leather goods (with the exception of my trusted black jacket). Can’t really reconcile myself with the fact that animals have to be skinned alive for me to feel beautiful, you know? Enough with the macabre, though. You go get that bag (and I’ll live vicariously through you ;))

  2. Haha, my poor grad student wallet will not let me do it. Maybe when I find my sugar daddy err… husband… Mulberry will be an option. :):):)

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