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Sunday Manicure (Vol.14)

Products used:
Erre Due Diamond Base Coat 6.49€
Essie (Winter 2013) no. 851 ‘Shearling Darling’ 12.50€
Erre Due Ceramic Top Coat 6.49€

First Impressions:
Tomorrow, this girl’s going hunting for the latest Essie (Resort ’14) shades. Today, however, Sunday Manicure presents ‘Shearling Darling’ – the 4th out of the six-piece Winter ’13 collection to grace my talons. Labeled as a “rich, plush, ebony red”, this looks gorgeous in the bottle but upon (a typical two-coat) application transforms into a run-of-the-mill dark burgundy – which we’ve all seen (& worn) a thousand times. Other than the color being a bit of a ‘disappointment’, this is pretty good – as usual. Good consistency, average to short drying time and minimal (but there) patching – mainly at the very base of the nail. Probably not a must- have but still a good classic – for those of you who might be lacking in the area.

Have any of you tried ‘Shearling Darling’? What did you think?


  1. I only have 4 essie polishes, and this one is not one of them. But I do like this kind of ox-blood / burgundy colour. Yes, we’ve all seen it a thousand times, but isn’t it pretty? But I get why you’re somewhat underwhelmed – you simply were looking forward to something else…

  2. Yeah…Looking back I should probably have expected what I got – just somehow thought this would be a redder, more unique shade somehow (if that even makes any sense)…

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