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World Wildlife Magazine

Lately, I have been thinking about how I have totally neglected my ‘Eco/Activism’ posts – and need to rectify this ASAP. Just having checked my e-mail, I now have something that fits the bill and may interest some of you.

WWF has recently released an app, for its new, quarterly ‘World Wildlife’ magazine, a publication dealing with a host of interesting issues. The second installment explores, amongst others:

  • Myanmar (its people, economy & natural resources)
  • Fun facts about the Parsons frog
  • Recent efforts to protect the Amazon
  • The lives of tigers, bears & whales
  • Solar savings
  • Cooking with bio-gas
  • Individual perspectives on a variety of issues
  • The environmental costs of cotton

If user reviews on iTunes are anything to go by, the dedicated app is very well designed and makes browsing an absolute pleasure. According to WWF the free app edition is also available on Google Play (I have yet to suss it out though, so it might not yet be available in Greece) & Amazon Marketplace. And, if all else fails, issues are also available online.

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