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Two Thumbs Up for Down Under

I am a big believer in giving credit where credit’s due, so I feel like I need to post this:

In late 2012 I purchased a 2013 Santoro Gorjuss Wall Calendar, which brandished my office walls and made me happy through the year. I loved it so much I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to get the 2014 one too. Unfortunately I procrastinated for way too long and by January the 8th, when I finally decided to place an order, “my precious” seemed to be totally sold out – everywhere.

I clicked practically every single link Google came up with, to no avail, until I chanced upon a calendar site which seemed to still have it in stock. I was (smugly) over-the-moon happy until… I realized the company was based in Australia! Despite being slightly dubious, I decided to go ahead and risk late or damaged delivery (Australia to Greece is no small feat for a cardboard box, mind you). I ordered, paid (quickly & easily through PayPal), chose Express delivery, then crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Yesterday, I came home from work to this immaculately put together little package (I kid you not, there wasn’t even the suspicion of a crease in sight)…


… and low n’ behold it was the Gorjuss calendar – on my doorstep, all the way from Australia, in a mere 7 days (!).

I am absolutely in love with the calendar, which is in mint condition and flabbergasted at the speedy and (for lack of other words) perfect service that the company provided. So, let it be said: if at any point you need anything calendar related do visit Calendar Club. They “come from a land down under” and absolutely rock!

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