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A very… Alessi Christmas

Last week I fell head over hills for the gorgeous porcelain Alessi nativity I saw, in one of the festively decorated shop windows downtown…

Alessi Porcelain Nativity Set (60-75€, depending on the color)

Yesterday I had a look at the official Alessi website and realised (can’t believe I hadn’t done before really, since I am a big fan of the company) that, apart from all their fabulous Christmas figurines, they also have a collection of hand- painted, glass baubles that are amazingly cute and would look fantastic on any Chistmas tree, should one be able to afford the… spicy pricetag (the 9cm diameter baubles are 60€ per set of 4, the 4cm ones are 49-35 & 22€ per set of 5-3 & 2 respectively).

Everything is available to buy via Alessi online (you have to chose the store, depending on your country of residence/ delivery by clicking here and then selecting the corresponding country flag). If you are one of those who prefer a “hands-on” approach to their shopping you can, of course, also find an Alessi store near you.


  1. jacquelyng56 says

    Very cute but a little pricey. If I was rich though I would buy these. I love the contemporary design of them and the bright colours xx

  2. I hear ya… Alessi stuff is amazing, but often a bit over the top -price wise. I can almost hear Topol sing “If I Were A Richman” 😛

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