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Mary Katrantzou Online

It’s always uplifting and inspiring to see fellow nationals excel in the worldwide arena whether it be in food, beauty, fashion or anything else.

Throughout the years I have found such inspiration in a number of different news pieces, from articles showcasing the huge success of Carpo (nuts/dried fruit/ chocolate/ coffee) in London & Lukumas (traditional greek doughnuts) in Barcelona, to pieces praising the wonderful, all natural beauty offerings of the Korres family and articles in the world’s greatest fashion magazines featuring the amazing prints of our very own Mary Katrantzou.

Born in Athens in 1983, Katrantzou followed her dream and ambition and has quickly become one of fashion’s favorite children – with hundreds of celebrity fans, stockists all around the globe and co-op projects with the likes of Longchamp, Current Elliott, Repetto, Swarovski, Gianvito Rossi et. al.

Her latest project, launched two days ago, is a website offering details re: the brand’s latest news and events, as well as select pieces from the label’s collection (via the e-shop, where customers can filter items by category, size and print).

Now, despite the fact that the only thing I could maybe manage to afford from there would be a printed scarf (with a price tag of 360€, that’s really no wonder), I have fallen in love with the minimalistic look of the site and a good number of the designs. Here’s a little sample of  her signature print dresses, now available to buy online (mainly those I would buy if I… happened to win the lottery).





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