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Pick of the Week: H&M

In anticipation of Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M (which, btw, looks absolutely amazing), my “Pick of the Week” will be double (& twice the fun) today. First, let’s see my favorites from the  main H&M collection:

1. Sleeveless Dress (39.95€)
2. Kable- Knit Jumper (19.95€)
3. Imitation Leather Skirt (24.95€)
4. Quilted Shopper (29.95€)
5. Court Shoes (19.95€)
And now, let’s see what I’d pick up (if someone gave me the reign of the H&M store on the campaign’s launch date – which, btw is the 14th of November):
1. Silk Dress (99€)
2. Silk Scarf (39.95€)
3. Jacket with Beaded Embroidery (299€)
4. Wool Coat (149€)
5. Suede Shoes (149€)
6. Metal Belt (39.95€)
7. Wool Jumper (99€)

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